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Nine to Fives are passionately invested in the theatre of life. We engage authentically with work, life and everything in-between.

We give magic to your message no matter how broad or how specific through various methods of entertainment.

A rare combination of talents – the insight of many years of corporate experience, coupled with the one of the country’s most talented and diverse creatives, means that whatever the content, whatever the task, our team works with confidence and most importantly; an open ear. Because the vital key to our process, is you.

Aside from our customised content offering, we have ‘ready-made’ messages, fit for any occasion. We can create whatever absurd, wild and awesome concept you feel like inventing!

If you want to make your message count, stand out, be remembered…

Lights, camera, action!




“The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants and discovers, along the way, what he needs.” ― Wally Lamb. Enter Nine to Fives! Our Customers are elated when they meet us, they soon realise that Nine to Fives will drive their message forward one entertaining interaction at a time.




Post initial contact, with the information already gleaned, the Nine to Fives research team gets to work and the interpretive process commences. At the first brief we are ready with ideas to awaken you, questions to stretch your imagination and would have consulted with experts to begin to unpack the subject, your message and understand the target audience. Once we have the full picture we do further research, brain storm, hunt for new ideas, debate concepts and draw on inspiration from current events and international trends. Our promise is that within a week we present and provide a cost estimate. Our goal is to make your intervention unique, fresh, an exceptional success and of course entertaining.

“Creativity is   intelligence   having fun.”

Albert Einstein




Music magnifies memory, we write and perform creative material to help you entertain and educate your audience, prioritise objectives and recognise those special people. Your ideas, visions and message are handed over to us and the process of collaboration is under way. From our “war room”, just off Broadway, a detailed project plan is put in place, the best talent is sourced and a full storyline, lyrics and music are written. You sign off the final concept, script and costs. The foundations are firm, a clear vision and path is set for the journey ahead. There are regular touch points along the way to ensure that the information used is authentic and factually correct. It is a dynamic fun filled trip that you experience with us. Our state of the art dance and sound studio is where rehearsals and recordings take place. Then it is time to nourish the soul!




The performance. But the show is not over yet! We are in the business of ongoing relationships and continuous improvement! To ensure your absolute satisfaction we chat through and interrogate the project, we are not happy unless you are happy. Applause and standing ovations! Magic!